About Me

Hayley is a PhD Researcher within the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, where her research focuses on the application of phytolith analysis as a tool of spatial analysis within domestic structures at Songo Mnara, Tanzania. Following an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and an MSc. in Wetland Archaeology and Environments from the University of Exeter, Hayley worked in commercial archaeology all over the UK as a Field Archaeologist and in Post-Excavation.

Hayley is interested in  the archaeological applications of both phytolith and archaeobotanical Analyses in the UK and Africa. She maintains a personal archaeobotanical seed reference collection of UK species, as well as a phytolith reference collection for the UK. She is currently building a phytolith reference collection for East Africa as part of her PhD research.

This is Hayley’s first foray into the Blogging world, through which she hopes to share the excitement of this super exciting specialist field of archaeology.

The content of this blog does not reflect the views of staff or students of the University of York or the Songo Mnara Project Team, reflecting only personal views of Hayley herself.

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